The Named Entity Classifier for Wikidata (NECKAr) is a  tool to assign entities present in Wikidata to the NE classes person, location, and organization.



With HeidelPlace, we developed an extensible geoparsing framework that includes a generic gazetteer model and an implementation of the entire geoparsing process.

Geographic information extraction from textual data sources, called geoparsing, is a key task in text processing and central to subsequent spatial analysis approaches. Several geoparsers are available to support this task, each with its own (often limited or specialized) gazetteer and its own approaches to toponym detection (finding place mentions) and resolution (linking place mentions to unique spatial references).


STARK – Spatio-Temporal Data Analytics on Spark

STARK is a framework that tightly integrates with Apache Spark and add support for spatial and temporal data types and operations. It is available at github.